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tonycarr's profile - imdb

tonycarr's profile - imdb

This was a very goof series about Churchill but strangely episode 5 ended with Churchill losing the 1945 election and episode 6 opening with him in retirement in the South of France. No mention of him winning the 1951 election, being given a knighthood and standing down as PM.

Then you clearly have no idea what Star Trek is, and has always been, about.I've never been a fan of Lwaxana and have always found her pointless and irritating but in this episode we have a deep and involving story that was well written. This is the episode that lets Majel show her acting talent and boy does she deliver. An incredible performance, both powerful and nuanced. If only she had more stories like that, instead of saving it till the last.Those who think it's like a soap opera clearly haven't understood that Trek is essentially a soap opera in space. No matter, the are lots od prorammes with nothing but whizzy lights, lasers and space battles

Andrew Lloyd Webber has been releasing various pieces on Youtube during the current pandemic and this was this weeks offering. What's bizarre is that this is from the man behind Cats, Evita, Phantom, Superstar and all the rest. You can only think that he knocked this up one morning while having a toilet break. The music is totally unmemorable, less than twenty four hours later I couldn't remember one song, apart from "By Jeeves". The guy who plays Bertie has completely missed the point and absolutely fails to get Bertie's slight goofiness. I'm not mentioning the accent because I can't do better then another reviewers "Concorde" jibe.The only saving grace here is Martin Jarvis who is Jeeves to a T.If you want some proper Wodehouse then get the box set of "Jeeves and Wooster" and let Stephen Fry and Hugh Laurie show you how it should be done.

This series started on 1st January and I've only just watched the last episode. Time was I'd be watching them as soon as they aired. Now I can't be bothered. I'm really watching out of a silly sense of loyaltyI'm old. I watched the first episode on 23rd November 1963 and never have I seen anything this bad. This last season has been awful. The writing is pompous, patronising and lecturing. We know pollution is bad, we don't need a long winded lecture. The cast is woeful, three companions are too many. Yaz and Ryan seem to have strayed off the set of Eastenders. Only Bradley Walsh saves the day. He is far and away the best part of the whole show. As for Jodie Whittaker she is truly awful, the worst incarnation ever. After two seasons she turns in the same performance. This consists of endlessly waving the sonic screwdriver around like a demented magician and wittering endlessly, gabbling so fast so we can't make out what the hell she is talking about. We also seem to have gone back to the Colin Baker era for fashion. It appears that she can travel through time and space but finding a pair of trousers that fits is beyond her. I hate to say this because Jodie is a fantastic actress, as anyone who saw her performance in Broadchurch knows.The last episode had the lowest number of viewers ever. Sad

This was awful. The cyberman looked as though I was watching Star Wars and the ending was just a badly thought out, badly written piece of junk. I mean, what was the point?Sasha wiped the floor with Jodie in the acting stakes and the cyborg was good but that was it. Apparently this episode got the lowest number of viewers ever and it's not difficult to see why.

Not there was a lot of competition.I would have given 8* but everything has an automatic two point deduction because of Jodie Whittaker. I hate myself for saying this but she has to be the worst Doctor ever. Her constant wittering, incessant waving the screwdriver at everything and the clown suit drive me nuts. Not to mention her arrogance and lecturing all and sundry. When you put this against her amazing performance in Broadchurch it could be a completely different person.That sais the Lone Cyberman is good, as is the new Master

I noticed that a lot of reviewers complain that Crusher gets off because she is proved right but has still carried out an autopsy despite Picard ordering her not to. Data not only disobeyed Riker in "Quality of Life" but he also endangered his Captain's life yet he seemed to face no punishment whatsoever. No one seems concerned about that. Isn't it likely that Reyga's family pleaded for leniency since Crusher has not only discovered who killed him but also proved that his invention actually worked thus creating a Ferengi scientist the equal of any other?

When it started it was a series about a crime fighting vigilante and that was fine. Ignore the fact that the hero has a bow and arrow while the bad guys have automatic weapons that that the lead character is as wooden as an arrow. It's not meant to be Shakespeare. Just an enjoyable bit of silliness. The first series were fine enough but then they started having crossovers, which meant you either had to watch other shows or you missed bits. Then it started to get really stupid with parallel universes and people dying and then coming back to life. I still haven't worked out why Oliver had to die or how that saves anything but apparently Star City is crime free. Why just Star City I have no ideaThe finale seems to have Moira and Quentin suddenly coming back from the dead for no discernible reason. There is a glimmer of hope when someone kidnaps William but that fizzles out. The rest of the time is spent dripping in sentimentality rather than genuine emotion.

McGarratt just ups and goes to another country. Doesn't the state of Hawaii ever get fed up with paying for the 5-0 task force when they aren't actually doing anything in Hawaii.Not surprising they have pulled the plug

I don't like Q very much. Turning up unannounced and demanding to be centre stage all the time is irritating. That said, John de Lancie plays the character very well. In this episode Picard and crew are transformed into Robin Hood and his Merrrie Men (despite Worf's protestations). Picard must save Vash (another irritating character) from death. To show her gratitude she promptly runs off with Q. Why is a little unclear.All in all a fun episode but we don't really learn much.And would every one please not it is pronounced Robin Hood. Two separate words with all vowels short. It is not pronounced Rarbinhood.

This used to be about a masked vigilante fighting crime in his city. What happened to that?The plot has become incomprehensible, people who are dead suddenly come back to life and children from twenty years in the future suddenly turn up and no one knows how. At least this week we were spared too many of those tedious fight sequences. They all look exactly the same and look as thought they were choreographed by the London School of Ballet.All I can say is that it must be a fine time to be a criminal in Star City. All their crimefighters have left.

I have always been a fan of Downton Abbey and was looking forwards to seeing how it would appear on the big screen. Sadly, not well. To compensate for the fag-paper thin plot they shoehorned in a lot of sub plots that made no sense. An IRA murder plot, Barrow being gay (we already knew that and it's ridiculous to make out that he didn't know there was a gay hangout in his own area), the maid who wasn't and the farcical nonsense of tricking the Palace courtiers. Mr Bates had nothing to do, Mr Mosely was cringing, and I wanted to pour concrete into Daisy's mouth to stop the continual whining. On the plus side Maggie Smith is brilliant and the scenes between her, Penelope Wilton and Imelda Staunton are by far the best thing in the whole two hours.

This ship is powered by something called a spore drive, right? A lot of mushrooms powered by an overgrown dung beetle. Since it appears to be able to arrive at its destination instantaneously why, nearly 200 years later, is Jean-Luc Picard still crawling around the universe at warp speed? And why has no one ever mentioned this before, ever?

I've never seen Cats before so I was uncorrupted by past experience. Wasn't particularly looking forward to it in view of all the negative press but I'd already booked the tickets and guess what? I really enjoyed it. As a musical about singing cats it does a good job. It's lively and enjoyable which is what you want in a light hearted musical.As for the cast Judi Dench does a fair job singing for an 85 year old, certainly better at singing than a certain co-star of hers a few years ago. Of course, you could be arguing whether an 85 year old has the voice for it. The other older cast members, Ian McKellen and Ray Winstone do well. I'm old so I have no idea who the other cast were but they do their jobs well. I would argue that Jennifer Hudson overcooks " Memory" but most singers in this day and age seem to think that emotion means volume. I blame Whitney Houston and Celine Dion.If you're thinking about going ignore all the 1* reviews. It's not perfect but it's not the old dog that some say it is.

This was a great episode marred only by the fact that none of the three actors resembled their characters. Indeed why the picked Julian Ovenden -best known for playing Andrew Foyle in Foyle's War - to play Bobby Kennedy is a mystery. I have no idea who Michael C. Hall is but he is the worst of all those I have seen play JFK. They get closest witch Jackie even to the extent of putting her in a variation of the iconic pill box hat.My big gripe is that being a British show they should get the details right. Someone has already pointed out that HMQ was pregnant with Edward at the time. As someone who is old I remember the assassination and when the awful news hit it was after 7.30 in the evening here in the UK and very dark.As a point of interest (or not) MacMillans country house is about twenty miles for where I lived and the President visited, causing the local paper to go into raptures.

As an Englishman of a certain vintage I started watching Arrow so I could have something silly and undemanding with a glass of red before bed. n appropriate title too, since the lead actor is as wooden as an arrow though he did manage some emotion this week.My problem is that if you don't watch all the other shows (and who has such an empty life) it makes no sense. I could never work out How Laurel was dead one minute and alive the next. Who was the guy at the end? Where did he come from?I could put up with the flash backs, at least they enhanced the story, but the fast forwards? They brought nothing to the story and sometimes ruined any suspense since you knew that neither Roy or Felicity was going to get killed.One other point. Why has Felicity started talking as though the tape machine is on fast forwards?

No ridiculous plots involving everyone suddenly tearing around the world, no silly bickering, just a fairly good story well told. The sub plot involving parents trying to foist their belief in whatever sky-fairy they picked on their children was cliched and has been done better elsewhere but still, an improvement on previous episodes

After all, you can just go and beat up members of the public with impunity, just because you think it's justified.. Kono did it (somewhat unrealistically) Grover did it and now Tani's at it. Even more unbelievably, she does it in a public place and announces to the world she's a cop However, no one thinks to report this. I think I'll cross Hawaii off my list of places to visit. The rest of the story was OKish. At least Steve and Danno have dialled down the bickering

So McGarrett can just rustle up a plane and fly thousands of miles to another country, and then just indiscriminately shoot the place up? And the local authorities are fine with this? I bet Trump wishes he had that kind of power. :)And what did happen to the bad guy anyway?I used to enjoy Five-0 but this seasons has plumbed the depths.

Jack Lord and James McArthur would charge around Hawaii catching the bad guys in a fairly entertaining manner. Now look...We start off with everybody playing football for reasons that are never explained. The crime involves someone getting crushed under a safe, which soon gets forgotten. The villain isn't really a bad guy, he just wants to help lonely people at Thanksgiving. We never find out what happens to him. Most of the story is given over to Lou's problems with his brother. Why does anyone think I care? If I wanted to watch family arguments and fighting I'd watch a soap opera (or my own home movies)They wasted huge amounts of time fighting over cooking a turkey. Really? Why can't I have an action cop show back. At least fast forwarding through the Grover family tedium let me finish early.I just hope this is the last series because it's becoming pathetic now.

Because I couldn't do worse than this.No it seems that McGarrett , who isn't even a cop despite the last scenes) can now solve crimes in his sleep. Crimes that even great detectives couldn't solve. It can be interesting to see the cast as different characters, Deep Space Nine did it quite effectively, but not this time. Sadly there hasn't been much in this season to write home about, with the exception of Junior bringing back a soldier's body, and this continues the trend of mediocrity. On the plus side, at least the time wasting stupidity of the restaurant has been ditched. I never understood how that was going to work.

This was definitely a very mixed episode. On the one hand the excellent story of Junior and Jerry bringing the fallen soldier back home very well done and moving, probably the most moving episode since the Pearl Harbour one, some years ago. On the other hand the story about the bodies in the sand merely enabled Steve and Danny to carryon their married couple impression before it was wrapped up in a hurry.

That was the most pointless piece of television that I can remember seeing in many a long year. Spoiler alert. Apparently it gets hot in Hawaii. Steve and Danny chase around after someone who ends up dead before they get there, the newbies continue their pre coital squabbling and Grover plays golf. Edge of the seat stuff. The constant bickering between Steve and Danny of this pointless bloody restaurant has now become so bad that I just fast forward through it.Jack Lord must be turning in his grave

A confession: I have never seen Mary Poppins. I was 14 years old in 1964, the year that Mary Poppins was released. This was the same year that Goldfinger was released. Be honest, what do you think a year old boy would prefer. It was also the era of people like Dusty Springfield etc so Julie Andrews with her perfect diction seemed very outdated. Well now I have seen it and I was very impressed. The special effects are still effective today, the songs are known to everyone. I'm convinced that the makers were on heavy duty LSD, what with people appearing in pavement art and roundabout horses going walkabout. The only thing that drags it down is Dick van Dyke. Enough has been written about the teeth-grinding accent, suffice to say it never seems to come from the same country two scenes running, and his dance routine seems to be just that, routine. It's the same routine in very scene.That said, it's an enjoyable film and I can easily understand what so many people love it.

I couldn't work out which one of the main leads was the most irritating woman on television ever. Sandra Oh was out acted by her hair at every turn and I would be more convincing as the Terminator than Jodie Comer was as a a cold bloodied killer. The script crashed around the place desperately trying to find a plot and, at eight episodes of forty five minutes it managed the rare feat of being too rushed while dragging interminably at the same time. The final episode spent the whole time frantically looking for an ending, much like a drunk trying to find the toilets.Only the presence of David Haig (sadly killed off far too soon) and Fiona Shaw stops this from getting a lower rating

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