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youtubeskylandersgiants crusher v s hot head

charizard vs hot head | dbx fanon wikia | fandom

charizard vs hot head | dbx fanon wikia | fandom

Charizard was flying through the skies proud as ever well before this little punk of a dragon flew directly at him now frustrated he saw the Lumbering powerhouse named Hot Head beneath him he flew down and roared at the Giant

"Char?" (what could he mean? OH SHIT!) Charizard looked up to see a jet of oil and fire raining down upon him burning the dragon Hot Head kept up his fiery assault by blasting him with fire barrages then running him over as Hot Rod "you just got flame grilled!" Charizard was on the ground the Giant rolled away triumphantly but not before a very large pillar of light shone through the fires the Charizard he had knocked down was back up again and had larger wings whilst also bringing up an intense heat wave he had Mega Evolved into Mega Charizard Y "Char! Char!" (get a taste of my Fire Blast!) The Kanji shaped flames rocketed at high speeds towards the giant who retaliated with some of his own now intensified fires but his were no match for Charizard's as he had shifted once more into his next form Mega Charizard X "CHARRRRR!" (THIS IS YOUR END!) the now black Charizard used his Flare Blitz attack to charge full speed towards the giant before slashing him with dragon claw splitting him in half

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