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seed separator machine

5xz-10 seed gravity separator_kaifeng hyde machinery

5xz-10 seed gravity separator_kaifeng hyde machinery

(1) Function: fine cleaning, to remove bad, immature, insect damaged, moldy and germinated seeds, impurities, and admixtures such as stones of the same size but with different specific weight.(2) Application: cereal grains and seeds, sunflower seeds and tea leaves.(3) Capacity: 3t/h, 5t/h, 10t/h (wheat).

1. Introduction of Hyde 5XZ seed gravity separatorGravity Separators, also known as gravity separation tables, specific gravity separators, or density separators, are key processing machines for the perfect separation of products which are already treated by air screen cleaners and indented cylinders. Gravity separators sort dry, granular, free flowing material into streams according to specific gravity by function of air lifting, vibration for stratification and conveying, and inclined screen deck for separation.Hyde 5XZ gravity separators are designed with simple operation, long service life and above all, accuracy in separation of as slight as 0.5% difference in specific density. Optimal effects rely on the precise adjustment of feed rate, screen deck inclination (lengthwise and sidewise), vibration speed and air volume.

2. Application of Hyde 5XZ seed gravity separator5XZ series gravity separators are widely used to remove impurities, admixture, insect damage and immature kernels from cereal grains such as wheat, barley, oilseed rape, peas, beans, cocoa beans, hazelnuts, linseed. They can also be used to separate and standardize coffee beans, cocoa beans, peanuts, peas, maize, sunflower seeds, tea leaves, rice, wheat, sesame and other food grains.

3. Working principle of Hyde 5XZ seed gravity separatorSeeds and grains can be separated and graded by the suspension and friction characteristics. Seeds flow over the inclined vibrating screen covered rectangular deck, in which pressurized air is forced through causing the material to be suspended and stratify according to its specific weight. The heavy particles float uphill while the light particles travel downhill. The rectangular deck makes the particles travel a longer distance, ensuring the cleaner separation of light and heavy particles and the lowest percentage of middlings, improving the quality of the end product. 4. Features of Hyde 5XZ seed gravity separator

Structural features:- Heavy duty and robust steel structural frame to absorb the vibrations.- Rectangular deck for greater capacity and accuracy.- Fans are dynamically balanced with individual adjustable controller for each fan for precise control of air flow and easy maintenance.- Cellular vertical air distribution device mounted under the deck make the air lifting evenly.- Square woven mesh screen made of steel wire with no bottom fabric ensures air passing through no dead band.- Eccentrics are counter balanced giving smooth oscillation action to the deck.- Variable feed speed, deck inclination, vibration speed and air volume in wide range by individual control units. - Safe guards to all moving parts ensure the safe operation.- Environmentally friendly with screen dust cover, low noise.

- Built-in fans are air-conditioner fans with lower noise, higher pressure and larger amount of wind.- Larger motor for high seed. - Separate greater quantities faster and more efficiently.- Stainless steel available for edible products.

Made for easy use, longevity and above all, accuracy, Hyde seed gravity separators sort dry, granular, freeflowing material into streams according to particle density. This density separation can effectively separate like-size particles with as little as 0.5% difference in specific density.

Hyde 5XZ seed gravity separator is a specialized processing equipment designed to separate particles which are similar in size and shape but differ in weight. It is widely used for agricultural products which contain sticks, stems, insect damage, shriveled seed, weeds, stones and other reject materials.

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