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mobile dust collectors for rent or purchase mounted mobile

mobile dust collectors for rent or purchase mounted mobile

BlastOne portable dust collectors are a maintenance friendly design. Access to the filters is through the side of the unit. Most of them from ground level. The filters glide easily out of the unit and new ones slide right back in.

Do you ever need to run long lengths of duct hose, sometimes over 100ft? The ability to maintain high capacity whilst running long ducts is important. A high pressure fan does this. Many mobile dust collector manufacturers over-rate their units.

BlastOne portable diesel dust collectors have an extra 30% space between the filters compared to alternate mobile dust collectors. This improves ease of maintenance, filter replacement and filter life. This also means far better dust release leading to longer filter life.

To clean the filters, all BlastOne mobile dust collectors utilize a compressed air, reverse pulse. This clean the dust cake from the filter cartridges with a shot of air from the clean side. These are operated automatically when the unit is running.

Dust laden air travels down the ductwork and enters into the dirty air inlet plenum. This is at the rear of the dust collector. Here the heavier particles drop out of the air stream. The air is then drawn through a large bank of high efficiency filter cartridges. Here the dust is deposited on the outside of the filter cartridges. Filtered air passes through to the clean air plenum and passes through the fan blower to atmosphere. The cake of dust on the cartridges is dislodged continuously by an automatic reverse pulse jet. Disposal of the dust is via a hopper in the base of the dust collector. Clearance of the hopper is facilitated by a screw conveyor to an external waste container. This applies to most Onsite Dust Collectors & Industrial Portable Dust Collectors

Some job sites are different to others. Contractors know that they can save a lot of money when the job-site has power available. That is why BlastOne offers a bi-powered dust collector. Run it on plant power, generator power, or use the inbuilt diesel engine your job, your choice.

The most cost effective option for a mobile dust collector is to mount it on a skid base. Movement onsite is possible with a large forklift or crane. This option is good for projects which have a long duration and the unit is relatively stationary. The skid has fork pockets, rigging mounts and extendable/ collapsible legs to make transportation easy.

A yard towable trailer gives the ultimate site portability. Delivery to site will be on a trailer, however, once onsite it can be towed as required. The ultra-heavy duty wheels & axles will last you many years of hard service. Ideal for longer duration projects, 2 months plus.

As supplied, the base dust collector has an engine which is not enclosed. Some customers prefer to have the diesel engine enclosed within a canopy for security. This is a simple add on module that BlastOne can provide.

Upgrade the filter cartridge cleaning system to a system that only pulses when it needs to. This increases the filter life and reduces compressed air requirements. The system monitors the filter cleanliness and only pulses the filters when required.

portable dust collector rental | sandblast solutions, inc

portable dust collector rental | sandblast solutions, inc

Remove dust and other contaminants by renting a portable dust collector for your industrial job. Sandblast Solutions offers a range of electric and diesel portable dust collectors in a variety of sizes. We can also provide all of the hoses, filters, and other accessories required for the dust collection system.

Cartridge dust collectors work well in areas that have limited space or height restrictions. They are just as efficient at removing dust as fabric filter collectors, but should not be used for sawdust removal. Cartridge collectors perform well in environments where there is greater than 500 CFM dust removal and there is low dust loading. Cartridge collectors are not a good fit for areas with high moisture, higher temperatures, wood dust applications, foundry sand, and large particles like paper scraps, pebbles, and pulp because this can damage the filter.

Fabric Filter dust collectors are best suited for a large volume of dust capture. They are typically higher-end collectors and used where large quantities of dust removal are necessary. These kinds of dust collectors are considered the best option in higher temperature spaces that are over 375 degrees. If maintained properly, these units offer excellent performance in a wide range of industries where dust removal is required.

Cyclone collectors are employed as a preliminary pre-filter during heavy-duty dust collection jobs to ease the volume of dust prior to the implementation of a fabric filter or cartridge collector on the job site. Removing coarse particles prior to the removal process protects the filter or cartridge, leading to a longer service life for the unit responsible for collecting most of the dust on site.

When it comes to choosing the right portable dust collector you will also want to consider your job site. Diesel dust collectors are the perfect option for remote jobs where electricity is not available. Our diesel-powered dust collectors can hold up to 74 gallons and can be converted to electric.

Let our team help you decide which model is right for you! We offer direct delivery, 24/7 support & on-site training. To get a quote on dust collector rental call (609) 301-7599 or contact us online today.

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