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mobile double roller coal crusher

why choose the mobile crusher in coal crushing plant

why choose the mobile crusher in coal crushing plant

Speaking of coal shredders, many people in the industry may think of double-stage shredders or jaw crushers. Indeed, whether it is an underground coal mine or an open-pit coal mine, these equipment can adapt to the coal mine environment to stably carry out crushing operations. However, in the long run, coal resources are widely distributed. Traditional fixed crushing machine is based on sites, and coal needs to be transported back and forth, which is cumbersome. Thus, the mobile coal crusher plant came into being.

Of course, the so-called mobile coal crusher station is nothing more than the traditional fixed crusher equipped with a driving mode. The principle and structure are very simple, but the simple and ordinary often show advantages. If you don't believe it, look down.

It is divided into crawler type and tire type according to the walking mode. The streamlined fuselage keeps full horsepower at all times and walks freely no matter it is in an open field or in a rugged mountain. In addition, a variety of production line configurations can be carried out according to user needs, whether it is "breaking first and then sieving" or "first sieving and then breaking", it can run properly.

Whether it is a gravel plant, a power plant, a cement plant, or a coal plant, environmental protection is an extremely important high-voltage line. If you touch it, you will be injured. Therefore, the mobile coal crusher has made a more thorough and comprehensive improvement on this point. The crusher is tightly sealed, and the inlet and outlet ports are equipped with spray devices, which cut off dust pollution at the source, and the environmental protection effect is immediate.

At present, AI is the general trend of future development. Whether it is the communication, home appliance industry, or the building materials and furniture industries, they are all developing towards intelligence. How can the machinery industry fall behind?

The crawler type coal crusher plant can be remotely controlled, and it does not need to be towed by the front of the car. It can be operated by a computer. Any change of direction, various crushing strengths, walking direction and speed, etc. can be done through the computer. And the mobile coal crusher uses a hybrid electric motor, which completely solves the production under the conditions of no electricity, power failure, and unstable voltage, and the combination of oil and electricity makes the performance more stable and energy-saving.

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