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advantages of rotary kiln incinerator

waste incineration rotary kiln | lcdri cn

waste incineration rotary kiln | lcdri cn

Luoyang Building Material Architectural Design and Research Institute has accumulated the technology of large cement rotary kiln for many years,In 2010, our institute developed rotary kiln incineration equip ment for toxic and polluting waste.Through the continuous technical improvement of our company, a series of waste treatment equipment has been formed. Incineration rotary kiln mainly consists of kiln cylinder body, transmission device, support device, retaining wheel device, kiln head discharge sealing device, feeding Sealing device at kiln tail, two combustion chamber and other components.

Incineration of rotary kilns is an ideal choice for wastes containing a variety of hard to burn substances and wastes with greater moisture change. Rotary kiln equipment can adjust the residence time of waste in the kiln by changing the rotational speed, and make waste constantly turn over and stir in the high temperature air of the kiln, so that waste can be burned to the greatest extent, and produce the least ash, which is convenient for the back-end process treatment.

Rotary waste incinerator can deal with a wide range of wastes, especially solid waste, waste liquid, waste gas and waste slurry (such as organic sludge, inorganic sludge, medical waste liquid, petrochemical waste, metallurgical and chemical waste) incineration of hazardous wastes, which has the advantages of safety, reliability, and meeting environmental protection standards.

cement kiln's advantages as an industrial incinerator

cement kiln's advantages as an industrial incinerator

The co-processing of hazardous waste by cement kilns can effectively solve the problem of hazardous waste disposal and achieve the purpose of recyclability. Specifically, in the disposal process, the pre-disposal of hazardous waste is classified and managed first, then pre-treatment, such as compression, division, crushing, and the pre-treated hazardous waste is sent to a high-temperature furnace for calcination, and finally, After the waste is recycled or used as raw materials for other industrial production.

Reasonable pretreatment makes it easy for hazardous waste to be transported and enter the kiln to achieve lower moisture and higher calorific value, etc. After entering the kiln, it should exert positive effects as much as possible. As cement kiln co-processing hazardous waste methods show great advantages in both economic and environmental aspects, there will be greater room for growth in the next few years. Therefore, the hazardous waste pretreatment supporting equipment and processes used by the project will also greet a high growth in market demand.

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